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June 09, 2007


dirk uhlenbrock

reminds me of a magician - his artist name was(well maybe still is)
*ta taaaa*....
LARS VEGAS !!!!!!!!

dirk uhlenbrock

back to this one.... his greatest trick is:


Lars Vegas Trio is also a swedish band:

dirk uhlenbrock

noooooo! nooooooooooooooo!!!
even if you think that it can't get worser.....

Bert Vanderveen

Fred Kaps was a three times worldchampion in his field (never surpassed) & a legend in his time. Most elder Dutchmen will remember his saltpouring act that was televised in the sixties (when we had just 2 TV-channels).

Nice set.

Peter Bruhn

I didn't know that about Fred Kaps. I knew all the tricks in that box by heart. Itw as also fun to see all the images in there again. A lot of flashbacks.

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