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September 17, 2007


Stefan Hattenbach

Great stuff! So you liked Saxon by then, HAHA.
I myslf had a jeans jacket with the logos of KISS, Aerosmith and Deep Purple carefully painted all over the back!

Peter Bruhn

Saxon had that cool logo, with an S that looked like an axe. I used to draw it all the time. Hmm... maybe it was got me into type. i bought patches for my jacket too (Judas Priest, & accept) but in the last hour I didn't want to spoil the jacket so I sold them a guy named Hans (why I remember this – I don't know!)

Reed Reibstein

Yeah, the 14-year-old thing struck me too. I had been thinking that I had loads of time to start designing my first typeface (with Fred Goudy as my exemplar), but now I realize that I better get cracking!


It was YOU that set the spirit freeeeeeeee!!!


Denim and Leather! Brought us all together! Thanks a lot for getting that song stuck in my head.

Chris Keegan

Accept Ahhhh, memories of high school. Saw them in concert in Florida on the Metal Heart tour. Awesome.

Peter Bruhn

Hahha...I've had that song in my all morning. I'm happy I can share. Got to get i from iTunes now.
I never saw saxon, I did however see "Accept", I think it was the "Balls to the Wall" tour. It was my first concert – it was wonderful...and scary.


Just saw this:

Thought you guys might be interested

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