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August 02, 2007


dirk uhlenbrock

you have re-invented the definition of LOVELY!

Grant Hutchinson

Absolutely gorgeous. And one of my favourite characters too. Please tell me that we won’t have to wait several years to see this completed as an entire typeface. Please.

Pieter van Rosmalen

Oke, unfinished typeface number 1022. Next one please! ;)

Peter Bruhn

This one will be finished...


niiice. looks like a curl from elvis. god bless him. :-D

Peter Bruhn

HAHAHA yes it does, didn't see that before. Now it will be stuck inside my head :-)


typehouse rock ;)
»peter has left the building ...«

Sharon Van Lieu

This is massively beautiful. The g is incredible.


Nicci Gabriel

Wow! this is so beautiful. i would buy this typeface for the 'g' alone! when will it be finished?

Peter Bruhn

Thanks ! I hope to finish it as soon a spossible, it fun when you get started and can't stop.

James Arboghast

Lovely in an exquisite fashion. On the dynamic discussion thread at Typophile in 2006 about lower case g, the relative traits and merits of the "single story" g form versus the "double story" or binocular g form were discussed with much insight. The thread can be found here:

As a classicist and lover of the binocular form I'm fascinated by this one Peter. I'm wondering if the florid swirly tail and ear are specifically meant to be baroq? They seem florid in a French way, or could easily be Italian, but possibly this is an original design effort in much the same spirit.

Peter Bruhn

James – the whole g started with a a few sketches whilst on the phone. That it became high contrast didone was just a spur of the moment. The others glyphs just came along. But there is a big DeSpigna and Carnase influence, and also Phil Martin's Fat Face (especially the numbers will go in that direction). I see it more of a display typeface than a text face.

The lowercase "g" (especially a two storey/binocular form) is mostley the most fun to make, and together with the "a" the signature of the face.

James Arboghast

Ah-ha, I hear you. Some great things occur in the twinkling of an eye (spur of the moment). Thanks for the insight.

I'm keen to see a resurgence of classicism and decorative design. Reductive modernism seems to have run its course.

Wishing you all the best Peter.

Samantha Liang

Beautiful. Just beautiful. Can't wait to see the rest

Peter Bruhn

Thank you for the kind words :-D
I will try to work on it more next week.

George G

Lovelovelove that 'g'! I wroteFountain an email without going back a few more entries, after I'd looked through the entire Fountain catalogue in search of it! Can't wait to see the rest of it so I can find some way to use it.


Any news on this font?

Sharon Van Lieu

Peter Bruhn

Early 2009.

Frode Frank

This is amazing! And we're past early 09. Any news, Peter?

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